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Can't find your soul mate? Have you looked within?


The world is your mirror.

If you are seeking something, or someone, outside of yourself, you may continue to find yourself seeking.

The more you understand and accept that the "other" you seek is really a projection of you, the sooner you can realize it is no longer necessary to seek love outside of your self.

"Yes, but I know there is a soul mate for me out there somewhere" or "I am living with my soul mate now" you say.

Can you consider the possibility that we are all each other's soul mates and the only thing that keeps us from seeing this is the degree of separateness we create from each other? When we come to accept that we are really all one, that there is no one else in the room, then we can come to know the meaning of life. And thereby understand that creating separateness from any person leaves you unfulfilled and seeking love outside of yourself.

Are you saying that we don't have soul mates and that we should just be polygamous?

Expanding the horizons of your thinking and raising your vibration leads to understanding. Whether you choose to live in a monogamous or polygamous relationship is not the point. Excluding those you encounter from your love will leave you unfulfilled.  And that includes your 'enemies' or those you choose to be angry with.

As a human being, you are love. You can choose to forget that, but eventually, it is when you remember it that your life flows and you are able to live in harmony and fulfil your purpose.

"Yes but how can I possibly love everyone?".

That's a great question. And a good beginning to global harmony. Continue to seek out a way and you will find it.