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Happy is not enough. How do I get joy?


Our search for joy arises out of an imbalance in our lives. An imbalance between our expectations and what is.

Joy is our natural state. It is only when we forget that fact that joy is missing from our lives.

It is only when we seek joy outside of the present moment or outside of ourselves that we are not joyful.

Yes, but some people say they are never joyful at all.

There is no distinction between the physical and the spiritual. If we create the thought that there is, it is then we create the imbalance that takes us out of joy. Those who create the thought that they are not joyful, or ever joyful, they are out of balance. It is only a matter of a change of thought that is required for them to experience joy. 

It is not a matter of logic. It is a matter of thought beyond logic, or what you might call, knowing.