Fear is what happens when your life is in danger.

All the rest is just worry.


Everything you wanted to do, but never did, was due to worry. There are no exceptions.

Sometimes we think we are afraid, but really it is only worry. How can you tell the difference? Simple. If your life is in immediate danger, it is fear. Otherwise, it is worry. Even if you think your life is in danger but it really is not, you are only experiencing worry. That's because your unconscious mind and autonomic systems know what is going on even when you are not consciously aware of it.

Ok. So what does it matter anyway. Well, fear is designed to save your life. If your life is not really in danger, then there is no need for fear. If you do experience fear, it is a gift that may save your life as your adrenaline begins to flow and all your automatic reflexes and bodily systems go on the alert to help you deal with the issue at hand. When it is not fear, this does not happen. That's why people sometimes freeze at the sight of a snake or spider or whatever they think they fear. But your automatic systems will not allow you to freeze if your life is in danger unless on some level it is important for your safety that you not move.

If you are worried, that is a choice you make and one you can re-make at any moment in time. Any moment. So if you find yourself 'frozen' in what appears to be fear, and you are able to consciously recognize that your life is not in danger, then you can decide if remaining frozen or screaming or whatever seems a good option to choose at the moment. By being fully present in the moment, your chances of making a good decision are optimal.

No one says choosing is always easy, although it can be for some.

It can be for you too.

It starts with being fully aware of what is going on around you. This is the concept of Attention, or being present. Next comes your intention, your thought and your actions. Creating these, in this order, is the best way to create your life.

We can help if you are struggling or would like some help.

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Ready to Go Beyond Fear?

Let’s begin.



  1. Fear only happens when your life is in immediate danger. All the rest is worry.

    If you are afraid, your intention and your intuition can protect you. Trust them, and they will.

  2. Worry is not fear. You need to know the difference.

If you think you are afraid, ask yourself:

“Is my life in immediate danger?”

If the answer is no, then you are only worried. Only worried? Yes.

When you are worried, your brain will do it’s best to confuse you. It is very good at that. And there are many ways to retrain your brain so it enlightens you.

Have you ever worried about:

  • being alone,

  • getting married, staying married, getting divorced,

  • being poor, getting rich,

  • failing health,

  • loss of a loved one,

  • dying,

  • terrorists

  • speaking in public,

  • being wrong, failing

  • etc.

These things all have one characteristic in common – we worry about them before they happen. And in most cases, these are events that might never happen, or things that we can choose to not have happen. And yet we worry about them as if there were no choice but to worry when in fact there are always alternatives. Alternatives like making a different choice, not going there, planning better, anticipating and pro-actively circumventing negative results etc.

Did you ever decide not to do something because you were worried? Would you like to go beyond that worry and do it anyway? Do you believe that’s possible?

If the answer is yes, stop reading and go do it.

If the answer is no, or you are unsure of what to do next, please read on …..

Let’s look at these worries one by one so you can see what I mean.

And if/when you would like to contact us, we are here for you.


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