HEALTHY?  NLP       WEALTHY?   Jim       WISE?  Matheson JOYFUL?


Well actually, us, is me.

Everyone has a story. The more we identify who we are with our story or what we do, the harder it is to be happy.

  • Stories are just stuff that happens.

  • What we do is just what we do and not who we are.

The more we let go of our stories, the easier it is to love our lives and create the changes that help us realize our purpose and lead us to our destiny.

My story began with a single mother who gained a total of 10 pounds during the time she carried me in her womb. There were foster homes, a love of being among trees, washing restaurant dishes, restaurant ownership, a fire walk, a swim with wild dolphins, 15 promotions in 18 years, becoming a father, an annual income of a quarter of a million dollars followed by a year of earning less than ten thousand dollars. There were 20 years of corporate real estate, capital acquisitions, financial analysis and training followed by many years of learning and teaching in the holistic health field. It goes on.

Along the way were teachers like Jose Silva, Ken Keyes, Yogi Bhajan, Richard Bandler NLP, John La Valle, Norma Toombs, Thick Nhat Hahn, Byron Katie, Brad Blanton, pretty much everyone I met plus a dog named Joe and a few cats. There is of course more to the story.

What we really want to know is:

  • who we are,

  • why we are here, and

  • what to do next.

If you would like me to be part of your story, please let me know.

Jim Matheson